The question on everyone’s lips…

What IS Stock Photography!?

Stock Photography has been around since the 1920’s, and with each click of the camera it has flourished and grown into the demanding industry it is today; opening a door for average people like us to help others find fresh faces to market/represent their business or products etc. Widely used for commercial, artistic and editorial endeavours, Stock Photography also saves both time and money!

Stock photo agencies represent both photographers and agencies who are selling these images. Clients purchase photos from these agencies not only because they are specialists in their field, but also because they offer secure purchasing options, and often have uniquely designed websites that provide a fast, simple and productive search for fresh stock photography.
It is both a weird and wonderful world of interesting images, angles and subjects, yet one thing is still profoundly lacking (and is also why LCMPTL has such hot demand for people like you..)… reality! Clients are searching our photo libraries looking for people who truly represent the general population, who define the word ‘natural’ and provide a raw look that can’t be faked.

What does this mean for you, though? Simply put, your unique style and expression is captured during a professional yet casual/friendly photoshoot, and the images are uploaded into our Stock Photo Library for clients to view. A client who wishes to use your image can make a purchase accordingly and, depending on established payment arrangements with your photographer, you receive a royalty/commission for each photo purchased.

Not convinced Stock Photo Libraries want you? This well-founded and ever-expanding industry is sorely missing people who represent life – fun, messy, a little (or a lot) weird, sexy, geeky, flustered Mums, overworked Dads… the list goes on! Aren’t you also fed up with the unrealistic representation of us?! Be someone who helps make the change the Wild World Of Photography is crying out for! We’ll love you for it, they’ll love you for it… it’s win-win for all involved!

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