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She’s smooth and her curves fit perfectly beneath my experienced touch, each gentle nudge with my fingers bringing beauty into focus. Always accurate and ready for action, she’s my perfect companion; we go together like salt and pepper. Sounds a little dirty doesn’t it!? Would you believe that I’m talking about my camera? Yep, that’s right, my camera! While my gorgeous wife certainly deserves a mention, I would never describe her in such a crass manner online, shame on you for thinking I would! No, this page is solely about me and my love affair with Photography, my second mistress, if we can go that far.

This passion began back in a day that seems like another lifetime, some of you weren’t even born yet… but the true birth of my desire to capture everything beautiful in this world, while my wife and I were travelling around Australia in our 4×4 with a tinny on top and caravan in tow. All I had was my simple, yet incredible point and shoot Canon camera. It was during this adventure that I discovered my ability to harness nature in a shot and to capture a person in the way God intended; it became apparent that there was nothing left to do but invest in better equipment and chase this dream.

It’s not just nature and animals that have intrigued and inspired me, but also the many wonderful people I’ve had the honour of photographing over the years. Each new face, each pair of eyes that glimmer with excitement, each person that has ever sat before me has had their own story, their own dreams and their own insecurities. It is fascinating and awe-inspiring to see how my talent can change the lives of everyone it touches, in one way or another. I will be forever thankful for being given the opportunity and support to become the successful man I am today.


Yes, this is the part where I blow my own trumpet a little and mention that I’ve been accredited with the Cannonball Run Australia… and, of course, this is alongside multiple other events; photographic assignments for commercial and private work, Government departments, and various magazines to mention a few. I’m proud to say that my dedication and hard work has evolved and I’m now extensively published Australia-wide and internationally.


  • Would YOU like to try being a Photographers sitter or model for free? Whether you’re chasing your 15minutes of fame, or you’re just curious to see what it’s like, please do get in touch!

I regularly conduct photo shoots covering a wide array of looks and themes, including Boudoir, glamour and plus size images for stock photo libraries. I pay commissions/royalties to all my sitters/models from my photo sales with MR’s. As a professional photographer, there is no better reward than seeing the joy (and sometimes disbelief!) on your face when you realise it’s not just me who thinks you look great in front of the camera!


My motto is: Real people for real advertising”
If you would like to join LCPMTL in supporting this motto, even if you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, I would love to work with you, as my clients are always looking for fresh faces and real people to model their clothing, lingerie, swimwear and unique, loveable garments.

My focus is to capture people naturally, using an authentic, unique yet simple style that puts you at ease and encapsulates the raw beauty we ALL possess; I’m also a strong advocate of plus size modelling, in the studio and out in the field.

Please call or email for a chat about how I can help you, or to receive a free quote. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!




Update 23 of April 2016

Lewis retired from fulltime photography on the 23/04/2016, but his love to photograph, travel & for photography is now a very keen hobbyist still photographing BBW, Curvy, Plus people & products for to produce more stock photography images, but now just at a slower pace & having a lot more fun




Update 23 of November 2017

Lewis has returned from reteriment to photography on the 23/11/2017 as a semi-retired photographer, my love for photograph was to strong to stay away, I am now focusing on photographing BBW, Curvy, Plus people to produce more stock photography images. If You would like to try to be a sitter or model for free? please do get in touch!



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