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I am Lewis a semi-retired hobbyist photographer; I now have the time to focus on my passion for photographing the full-figured Curvy people to produce more stock photography images.


How this works;

Below is some information we need to discuss and know about each other before we enter into a photo shoot so there is no confusion about what is required from each other

There is a lot of information here & I will email it to you in Four sections, if you’re interested in working with me on photo assignments, let me know?

You will then be able to answer by replying next to the question in a different coloured ink say blue or red

Once we have agreed on working together, I will write up a brief scrip of what we are going to shoot & send it to you


E1; Sections 1; Model Types;

Below are the 16 main types of modeling

You can reply to my email with the numbers of which types of modeling you would like to do?

And your modeling fee per hour as well?

Example you would like to do modeling numbers; 4- $110.00, 7- $140.00, 8- $160.00, 14- $130.00,

1; Fashion (Editorial) Model

2; Runway or Catwalk Model

3; Commercial Model

4; Plus-Size Model

5; Petite Model

6; Child Model

7; Swimsuit Model

8; Lingerie Model

9; Fitness Model

10; Glamour Model

11; Parts Model

12; Fit Model

13; Promotional Model

14; Mature Model

15; Catalog/ Product Model

16; Will consider All modeling shoots as they become available and select which ones, I will apply for


Your Model Statists;

Please fill out your details?

Height? cm or in?         feet inches         Weight? kg or in;         lbs

Ethnicity?         Chest? cm or in?         inches

Skin color?         Waist? cm or in?         inches

Hips? cm or in;         inches         Dress size: UK?         or AUS?         or US?

Eye color?         Hair color?

Hair length?         Hair type?



E2; Sections 2; On a photo shoot? What’s Required from You?

1; you can only one friend/ chaperone No children, As I hire different venues

2; no drugs

3; must not turn up wasted

4; be prompt be on time

5; have signed your MR- Model Release

6; be ready to have fun & work as a team

7; have all your props (clothes, makeup, hats, shoes and other items you need)

8; Payment & Reimbursements of Expenses (see Payments}

9; Complete Survey on your experience with the photo shoot

10; Please Complete Survey;
(this questioner Must be Completed as part of your photoshoot to receive your 2nd payment of invoice)

    Pleas answer these five questions on my performance, this is for my Reviews/ Recommendations,

                Minimum One word & Maximum Ten-word answers please?

                   1; Pay & Payments did you receive fear pay & quickly?

                   2; Did you receive your copy of images?

                   3; Where you treated fairly & have fun?

                  4; Did you enjoy your photo shoot & would you do it again?

                  5; Would you recommend it working with Lewis again?

Once I receive your answers to the above, I will process your 2nd payment


Do you have your own transport?



E3; Sections 3; Questions to you?

1; Is partner ok with modeling?

2; you will have to sign an MR- Model Release?

3; What Pet do you have?

4; Have you ever signed with a modelling/ talent agent?

5; Types of Photography?

A; I use natural lighting

B; Would you like to do Videos?

C; Would you like to be a photographer’s paid assistant on photo shoots?


8; How much modeling would like do you?

A; Do you have a friend/s who want to model?

B; Do you have your own makeup artist?

C; Do you have your own hair stylist?


9; Do you have a model Portfolio?

Send me a link? We can then give reviews each way?

A; Who have you model for?

B; Are you a member of modeling club?

C; What are your best features?

D; Are you comfortable in your skin?


10; Social media

Which ones are on?


12; What Days & Times are you available;


13; Studios on Site at Location;
I hire various places as required


E4; Sections 4; 14; Payments,

A; All payments require an invoice from people involved, a word page document or email
invoice is fine & if you need help filling out an invoice, I am happy to help you

B; All payments are made as direct deposits to your bank account no cash

C; Reimbursements of Expenses are to be listed on your invoice

D; Payments are made in two parts
1st part is fifty percent (50%) of your invoice total amount, paid the day after you complete
your photo shoot

2nd part is the remaining fifty percent (50%) of your invoice total amount on completion of
your photo shoot requirements (see Sections 2; On a photo shoot? What’s Required
from You?

E; Minimum assessment time is Two hours


15; Props Costume Shopping; (List Wk52)

I will cover extras such as; Admission fees, Dry Cleaning, Food/ Meals required for shoot, Transport on some shoot,

                     Keeping Your Props/ Costumes;

                       If you want to keep a prop, the cost of the prop will be deducted from your assessment fee

                       Example; say your hourly rate is $100.00 times two hours = $200.00

                       You keep a Dress that cost $80.00

                       You will be paid $200.00 Less $80.00 a Total payment of $120.00 to you

If you have any questions feel free to ask

Looking forward to hearing from you


LCPMTL Photography

Last updated 04/02/21