Whether you’re an individual wishing to flaunt their natural gifts, or a business looking for some free publicity, LCMPTL would love to hear from you!
Below you’ll find requests/requirements for upcoming shoots – all you need to do is put your best foot forward and get in touch today! Remember, you don’t need to be the next Ella MacPherson, we’re looking for real people – no experience necessary!


For June & July 2019


Plus/ Curvy People Required for Paid & Free Photo Shoots to Promote Special Days of the Year


I am seeking everyday people to be sitters for stock photography


People required for stock photography images


Photos required are;


Number of people required; Plus/ Curvy Men/ Women & Children


Age; 35 years of age & over


Time; times arranged to suit


Location; around Cairns, QLD, Australia


Description of Photo Shoot;


Plus/ Curvy people in the photographs will be required to wear own & items supplied with different looks/ styles & expressions.


I am not looking for supermodels; the client & I are looking for real people, people that are Plus/ Curvy people




Photo Shoot Ref #; LcPs189




Photographers Assistants Required!

Please read ad carefully; this is a multi-functional role which can filled by one or more persons!
Contractors with ABN preferred.

The roles:

• Helper/general assistant
You will be responsible for preparing and transporting equipment to various locations, assisting with set-up, and general assistance during photoshoots. Personality, humour and friendliness is a MUST!

• Stylist
You will be responsible for styling hair, clothing and makeup to reflect the location/backdrop of photoshoot. Creativity, flair, and the ability to share an opinion while setting up for a shoot are highly sought-after traits!


• Production Assistant
Responsible for editing and processing both stills and video you will also demonstrate skills in cataloguing with titles, descriptions and keywords, and some filing.


About you

Honest and Reliable
Being able to show up on time, or early, is a MUST to be successful in each of these roles.
You will demonstrate the ability to connect and engage with others around you, ensuring people always feel comfortable, happy and relaxed. Being able to laugh at yourself and along with others is almost as crucial as punctuality; we’re all here to have a bit of fun at the same time!
Initiative, enthusiasm, energy and passion for the role will all be rewarded and appreciated!


Attention to detail
LCMPTL produces high-quality, natural style stock images of Plus size fashion; you will need a good eye for style and fashion, as well as set details.


Skills and Experience
Experience and knowledge of Photoshop/lightroom and Adobe effects, Word and Excel are highly regarded, however quick learners with a desire to excel are also encouraged to apply.


Most duties/tasks will be carried out while on location of a photoshoot, which means you will need to be organized to ensure you arrive at the location on time! Times and dates are given well in advance. Some travel around Cairns is also required.


These details will be included with location, well in advance of the shoot.
Some photoshoots will require early morning starts and some evenings; meals will be provided at these times.


This will be negotiated based on experience and overall performance – as previously mentioned, hard work and passion will not go unrewarded!

When applying please state which role you are applying for, list all relevant experience and the best time to contact you. If you do not have experience, that’s fine too – please just say so!
Applicants will need to present themselves professionally and demonstrate their abilities in prioritizing and organizing.

While I always strive to provide timely schedules, flexibility for last minute shoots etc is also key.
I am a huge advocate of Plus Size modelling and would love to be surrounded by like-minded people!


I look forward to hearing from you!