Oo-la-la! Casting Calls/Photoshoot

Hi and welcome to my Casting Calls/Photoshoot availability page; scroll on to find more about current shoots I’m conducting to fill client requirements.

Don’t be shy, we’re looking for real people for real advertising!


Rates of pay

Each Photoshoot has it’s own rate and are as follows:

  • Paid assignments – one off payment upon completion of shoot
  • Percentage of commission/Royalties – paid if/when photos are sold
  • Partial payment plus products
  • Paid entirely with products
  • Hourly/Contract rates as quoted

PLEASE NOTE: All payments are made upon completion of Photoshoot.


Photoshoots: Shoots include but are not limited to; Advertising (Stock Photography), artistic/abstract, crime scene, fashion, horror, fantasy, glam, health and safety, horror, lingerie, product modelling, costume and body (boudoir), semi and full nude, romance and, sports.


All information about the shoot will be supplied at the time you enquire.


What do you get? Besides the payment at an agreed rate, a fun session working it for the camera, and more than a few seconds of fame…? You’ll also get to take home a low-resolution copy of your photos. High resolution images are also available at request.


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