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Hi and welcome to my Casting Calls/Photoshoot availability page; scroll on to find more about current shoots I’m conducting to fill client requirements.

Don’t be shy, we’re looking for real people for real advertising!


Rates of pay

Each Photoshoot has it’s own rate and are as follows:

  • Paid assignments – one off payment upon completion of shoot
  • Percentage of commission/Royalties – paid if/when photos are sold
  • Partial payment plus products
  • Paid entirely with products
  • Hourly/Contract rates as quoted

PLEASE NOTE: All payments are made upon completion of Photoshoot.


Photoshoots: Shoots include but are not limited to; Advertising (Stock Photography), artistic/abstract, crime scene, fashion, horror, fantasy, glam, health and safety, horror, lingerie, product modelling, costume and body (boudoir), semi and full nude, romance and, sports.


All information about the shoot will be supplied at the time you enquire.


What do you get? Besides the payment at an agreed rate, a fun session working it for the camera, and more than a few seconds of fame…? You’ll also get to take home a low-resolution copy of your photos. High resolution images are also available at request.




Next Photo Shoot Opening; Now 




National Cupcake Day

Plus/ Curvy People Required for Paid Photo Shoot to Promote Cupcake Day


Seeking Photo Models/ Sitters, People/ Actors


People required for stock photography images of; Cupcake Day


If you would like to take part, please contact me


Photos required are;


Number of people required; Plus/ Curvy Men/ Women & Children


Age; all ages


Time; Between the 12 to the 20/12/18


Location; Times can be arranged to suit between the above dates, Cairns, QLD, Australia


Description of Photo Shoot;


Plus/ Curvy people in the photographs will be required to eat Cupcakes Day with different looks/ styles & expressions.


Photo Features; full body, half body, head shoots.


Looks required: in each photo shoot you will be asked to show any or some of the following expressions: Happy, sexy, smiling, or combinations of each.


Support the Even at;


Cupcake Day

National Cupcake Day is a holiday which falls annually on December 15th and celebrates the single serving cake that’s baked in a paper or aluminum cup and topped with icing or other cake decorations. The cupcake has been widely loved in the United States since the 19th century and is a common site at birthday parties, office parties and anywhere else where a small cup-sized cake may be appreciated. This holiday shouldn’t be confused with Chocolate Cupcake Day which falls on October 18th.


I am not looking for supermodels; the client & I are looking for real people, people that are Plus/ Curvy people




Photo Shoot Ref #; LcPs181